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Birkerød Basketball Club

Birkerød Basketball Club was one of 19 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Lundaspelen Basket 2019. They participated with two teams in Boys U 14 and Boys U 15 respectively. Two teams played until 1/8 Final in Playoff B; Boys U 14 Birkerød U14 lost against ASC 46 Göttingen 1 by 26-52 and Boys U 15 Birkerød U15 lost against Ik Eos Lund Green by 16-35.

Birkerød comes from København which lies approximately 40 km from Lund, where Lundaspelen Basket takes place. The area around København does also provide 20 additional clubs participating during Lundaspelen Basket 2019 (Among others: SISU Basketball, Värpinge IF, BK Amager, BMS Herlev, Malbas BBK, Mini Malbas, Gladsaxe Basketball Klub, Brønshøj Basket, Stevnsgade and Copenhagen Future).

8 games played


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