Winners 2013

Written 15 January 2013 10:00
Winners of Lundaspelen 2013
Girls U20: Aabyhøj I.F (Den)
Girls U18: BK Amager (Den)
Girls U16: Högsbo (Se)
Girls U15: SISU (Den)
Girls U14: Hørsholm BBK (Den)
Girls U13: TuS Lichterfelde (Ger)
Girls U12: Aabyhøj I.F (Den)
Girls U11: BK Amager (Den)

Boys U20: Malbas (Se)
Boys U18: Uppsala Basket BG Celsius (Se)
Boys U16: SISU (Den)
Boys U15: RSV/IBBA (Ger)
Boys U14: BG SuKro (Ger)
Boys U13: TuS Lichterfelde (Ger)
Boys U12: ALBA Berlin (Ger)
Boys U11: Hørsholm BBK (Den)

Wheelchair: Nabolag (No/Se) (NEW Category of 2013)

Next news item: Finals Day!

Written 05 January 2013 00:11
13 Finals to be decided - 13 Trophies to be won! As we enter the last day of Lundaspelen we still have a few teams who have to get through the "Eye of needle" with their semifinals. 12 "Conquest of Paradise" to be played and 12 " The Winner takes it All" - follow it at Idrottshallen! Read more