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Weather Forecast!

Skrivet av Lundaspelen Basket 03 januari 2018 06:51
Ändrad av Lundaspelen Basket 03 januari 2018 06:55
1-2 degrees and rain until until 16-17

Group phase and positionings before play-off starts ending as the day progresses for most categories.

Balls flying heither and diether and even indoors!

Coaches, Players, Parents and relatives expectations and dreams will continue to go up and down....

So please.. Keep heads up and calm! (and don't forget that there definately is food at Polhem ;-))

Good luck out there!!

Nästa nyhet: Food shortage at Järnåkra & Fäladen

Skrivet av 02 januari 2018 20:43
We've unfortunately experienced that the food at Järnåkra & Fäladen has taken time today or even been out! - We're really sorry about this and ask all teams to try to eat at our Main food service place POLHEM if you live or play in that area. Please inform the coaches and players about this. We've ordered more than enough food, but since we try to service all teams with the service of eating a... Läs mer