Lundaspelen 2019 - 41th Annual!

Registration for the 2019 tournament is now open->->

New for 2019:
  • We will play some selected games on the evening of the 1st
  • Finals for U12 will be played on the 5th - Entire Finals Schedule revised so more teams will play the 5th plus more "air" between the Finals
  • "Mini Lundaspelen" (former U11) will have a great gettogether with ending games on the evening of the 4th at Eoshallen

Winners of the 40th annual Lundaspelen tournament 2018:

Girls U20: Aabyhøj I.F. (DEN)

Girls U18: Aabyhøj I.F. (DEN)
Girls U16: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U15: AD. Basket Pegli (ITA)
Girls U14: Spånga 2 (SWE)
Girls U13: BK Amager (DEN)
Girls U12: Alvik (SWE)
Girls U11: BMS Herlev (DEN)

Boys U20: CSE-Landstede Basketball Zwolle (NL)
Boys U18:
Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
Boys U16: Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)

Boys U15: Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Boys U14: Team Hamburg (GER)
Boys U13: Gladsaxe BK (DEN)
Boys U12: ALBA (DEN)

Boys U11: ALBA (DEN)

Wheelchair: Tapiolan Honka (FIN)

Nation List 2018

Denmark - 9
Germany - 3
Sweden - 2
Finland - 1
Italy - 1
The Netherlands - 1

Girls U20: Sandvika (NOR)
Girls U18: Hjemly (DEN)
Girls U16: BK Marbo (SWE)
Girls U15: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U14: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U13: B305 (SWE)
Girls U12: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U11:

Boys U20: BC Luleå (SWE)
Boys U18: MKS Zabrze (POL)
Boys U16: Sharks Hamburg (GER)
Boys U15: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Boys U14: Burned Sports Team (NL)
Boys U12: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Boys U11: ASC Göttingen (GER)

Wheelchair: Nacka HI (SWE)

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