Play-off time!

Written 04 January 2018 07:01

507 games decided so far! Most teams now enter the play-offs and the suspense of elimination.... The expectations, hopes, dreams will rise as the days progress- but with the unfortunate reality of that a lot of them will be crushed...

BUT... This is where the memories and motivation for the future starts!!

Good luck out there!!

Next news item: Weather Forecast!

Written 03 January 2018 06:51
1-2 degrees and rain until until 16-17 Group phase and positionings before play-off starts ending as the day progresses for most categories. Balls flying heither and diether and even indoors! Coaches, Players, Parents and relatives expectations and dreams will continue to go up and down.... So please.. Keep heads up and calm! (and don't forget that there definately is food at Polhem ;-)) Good ... Read more