Play-Off Time!

Written 04 January 2013 08:08
As we enter the 3rd day of Lundaspelen 2013 - a lot of feelings will be shown...Happiness, joy, tears, amazement... We hope the great sportmanship continues as the games gets tighter and tighter...More and more teams will be eliminated during the day... but new dreams and goals will arise as well - For the next game... -next practice...- next Tournament... As well as crushed dreams we will get even more new dreams & goals! Enjoy this great day and fill it with positive energy!

Next news item: 35th Lundaspelens First day Completed

Written 03 January 2013 07:43
246 Games completed! A extremly smooth day 1 is over and we enter day 2 in a couple of minutes.We hope all guests have accomodated well and are either bouncing back from losses today - or use the energy from yesterday. Good luck & a hope of great sportmanship as day 2 now commences. Read more