Major Electricity breakdown in western Lund

Written 03 January 2015 10:54
Edited 03 January 2015 11:32
Games at Gunnesbo is affected & Bollhuset at the moment.

Games - Gameschedule will start up again as soon as electricity is up again with games that are LESS than 25 min late.

Games that are more than 25 min late will be rescheduled to later today (after all other scheduled games are finished). Check the app/webb news and gameschedule.

Games that came to a stop in the middle of the game will start at the point (standing) of the time of the stop - game will be moved to another time if the schedule is more than 25 min late.

We are awaiting further news regarding the breakdown & hope it will be up soon again.

Next news item: Let the games begin!

Written 02 January 2015 08:18
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