Lundaspelen Superstars

Written 03 January 2015 17:04
...Is the 4th...SUNDAY at Idrottshallen 20.30-22.00

Competitors in the 3 point shoot-out, skills challenge & Dunk- contest sign up at the Lundaspelen Office at Eoshallen.

Next news item: Game movement due to Electrical breakdown.

Written 03 January 2015 13:26
We have started moving the "cancelled" game to new game times - all late tonight after the other arenas are done- we try to reach the coaches affected by phone to confirm. Games are now resumed at Gunnesbo & games are being played at Bollhuset (even without full light - we hope it gets back soon) Earlier info if you are affected: Games - Gameschedule will start up again as soon as electricity ... Read more