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Lundaspelen Superstars

Written 04 January 2015 09:57


There were a lot of players who wanted to enter Lundaspelen Superstars this year so we had to draw names to decide who will be in it.

For the 3 POINT SHOOT OUT there will be try outs at 19.30 to decide what 5 girls and 5 boys out of the ones picked, who will compete in the contest.

For the SKILLS CHALLENGE and the DUNK CONTEST there are no try outs. The participants have to be there at 19.45.

Here are all the participants for try outs/the show. Congratulations!!!

3 POINT SHOOT OUT, boys (Try outs)
Mathias Linder, 17, Stevnsgade
Kaj Steehouwet, 18, UBALL
Benjamin Vissing, 18, Åbyhöj
Oliver Giehrke, 18, Solna Vikings
Aske Boelt, 17, SISU
Rami Ismail, 18, Helsingborg
Amer Ajdarpasic, 18, Högsbo
Olof Lennartsson, 18, Högsbo
Maikel van Kol, 19, UBALL
Hampus Hildén, 13, Nässjö
Jeppe Normann, 16, Hörsholm
Linus Cederberg, 18, Solna Vikings
Mats Sellre, 17, Sandvika
Sondre Lykke, 17, Sandvika
Kisilishyn. A, 18, ASC Göttingen

3 POINT SHOOT OUT, girls (Try outs)
Kristin Hannestad, 17, HOP BBK
Ciska Kollen, 17, Uball Cangeroes
Katarina Boss, Solna Vikings
Linnea Ljungberg, Solna Vikings
Rebecka Strandberg, Solna Vikings
Camilla Klinic, 19, Helsingborg
Ice Skoogh, 19, Helsingborg

SKILLS CHALLENGE, boys (Participants)
Ebbe Ndziba, 19, IK Eos Lund
Billinger, 14, Vilsbiburg
Younas Shalim, 18, Solna Vikings
Hampus Andersson, 13, Nässjö

SKILLS CHALLENGE, girls (Participants)
Naomi Mhretab, 18, Tensta Basket
Mealat Bereket, 18, Tensta Basket
Lotte v Kbarenbosch, 16, Uball Cangaroes
Victoria Jankouska, 11, Stevnsgade

DUNK CONTEST (Participants)
Anthony, 16 ASC Göttingen
Ahmed, 19, Lundby
Mathias, 19, EBAA
Kristian Eggs, 17, SISU
Tage Dembole, 17, Stevnsgade
Pawel Dzialo, 17, IK Eos Lund

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