4 Trophies Claimed! - Lundaspelen Basket

4 Trophies Claimed!

Written 04 January 2015 23:10
The Finals in our 4 youngest categories has ended - As the 4th day commences we have 4 more teams to add to the history book of Lundaspelen!
.. .They are probably sleeping very well with sweet dreams...
BU11 - Gladsaxe BK (Dk)
GU11 - BMS Herlev (Dk)
BU12 - Horsens IC (De)
GU12 - BMS Herlev (Dk)

Next news item: Lundaspelen Superstars

Written 04 January 2015 09:57
PLEASE READ THE FULL POST TO SEE THE COMPLETE LIST OF THE PARTICIPANTS FOR LUNDASPELEN SUPERSTARS! There were a lot of players who wanted to enter Lundaspelen Superstars this year so we had to draw names to decide who will be in it. For the 3 POINT SHOOT OUT there will be try outs at 19.30 to decide what 5 girls and 5 boys out of the ones picked, who will compete in the contest. For the SKILL... Read more