Finals Day of the 40th Lundaspelen!

Written 05 January 2018 07:17

750 plus games decided - 3 Lundaspelen champions added to the ledgers! (plus 2 udefeated U11 teams - ALBA Boys & BMS girls).

Today another 12 Lundaspelen champions will be added to the Lundaspelen ledgers. Twelve "Conquest of Paradise" to be played and twelve "The Winner takes it all" - Follow it at Idrottshallen.

Emotions will run hi..., Dreams will be crushed... & fulfilled!, Expectations will...

Hope everyone can enjoy and cherish the moments & get new memories!! 364 days to next oppurtunity here at Lundaspelen!

Next news item: Play-off time!

Written 04 January 2018 07:01
507 games decided so far! Most teams now enter the play-offs and the suspense of elimination.... The expectations, hopes, dreams will rise as the days progress- but with the unfortunate reality of that a lot of them will be crushed... BUT... This is where the memories and motivation for the future starts!! Good luck out there!! Read more