41st Lundaspelen-Largest Ever!!

Written 11 December 2018 10:26

The Preliminary Game-schedule is published for the largest Lundaspelen Tournament ever!!

380 Teams and almost a 1000 games playing mainly 2-5th- (4 preview games on the evening of the 1st 19.00 & 19.50 at Idrottshallen & our new gym in lund ISLK)

We welcome you all to tip-off 2019 with 5 basketfilled days with us here in Lund!

/Lundaspelen Organization

Next news item: 40th Lundaspelen over...

Written 05 January 2018 17:54
Last game of Lundaspelen 2018 is played... Preperations for the 41st Lundaspelen 2-5th of January 2019 will now take place. We hope all teams have had a great tournament and comes home with memories, energy, expectations for the future... and feel the need to come back next year where we hopefully will have an even better tournament... & all you teams out their have developed your game even mo... Read more