Lundaspelen 2022 registration opens on March 1st!

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Soon time to start planning for next season?

Remember Lundaspelen 2020

" Thank you all for Lundaspelen 2020. Hopefully we'll see you all again next year to create new memories together and make friends from all over the world.

Video: Emelie Karlsson Gras

Winners of Superstars 2020:

Skills: Jacob Sjöqvist, IK Eos, Sweden

3 points: Jeroen Koopman, Open Run, Netherlands

Dunk: Shamar Dormay, Concrete Lions, Netherlands

Winners of the 42st annual Lundaspelen tournament 2020:

Girls U18: BMS Herlev (DEN)                                  Boys U18: Triple Threat 1 (NETH)

Girls U16: TuS Lichterfelde (GER)                          Boys U16: Gladsaxe (DEN)

Girls U15: Bjärred 305 (SWE)                                  Boys U15: Malbas Svart (SWE)

Girls U14: Alvik Gul(SWE)                                        Boys U14: BMS Herlev (DEN)

Girls U13: Hörsholm 79ers (DEN)                          Boys U13: ALBA (DEN)

Girls U12: BMS Herlev (DEN)                                  Boys U12: Virum Vipers (DEN)

Wheelchair: FIFH Malmö (SWE)

Nation List 2020:

Denmark - 9

Sweden - 4

Germany - 1

The Netherlands - 1

Defender of Lundaspelen - a award given to selected coaches and basketball leaders who are acting according to the values of Lundaspelen:


The Defender of Lundaspelen 2020 are:

Anna Hammer, Ulriken Eagles, Norway

Ulrik Gudiksen, Vaerlöse, Denmark

Jesper Stadil, SISU, Denmark

Thank you all for the good work you are doing!

Watch all action live on Solidsport.

Lundaspelen 2020 is Alive!
-A record breaking 404 teams from 13 different countries representing 116 different clubs are starting off 2020 and the new decade with days filled of Basketball in Lund!

About 900 Volunteers and 100 plus referees make it happen!

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