ALL Lundaspelen Games Streamed!!

Written 13 December 2018 11:16
Slap bang in the middle of the action - hundreds of miles away!
For the first time; now you can share the fun and excitement of Lundaspelen with your family and friends all over the world. This is possible since every game in the tournament is live streamed.

With an All access-pass (15 euro, early birds 12 euro), your supporters can watch every game that your team plays. And not only that: they can choose between more than a thousand other games at Lundaspelen and watch the Lundaspelen Superstars show!

All games available afterwards - something for the coach or for the players to remember - also available to download. (Single game 5 euro)

Next news item: 41st Lundaspelen-Largest Ever!!

Written 11 December 2018 10:26
The Preliminary Game-schedule is published for the largest Lundaspelen Tournament ever!! 380 Teams and almost a 1000 games playing mainly 2-5th- (4 preview games on the evening of the 1st 19.00 & 19.50 at Idrottshallen & our new gym in lund ISLK) We welcome you all to tip-off 2019 with 5 basketfilled days with us here in Lund! /Lundaspelen Organization Read more