Lundaspelen 2020 - 42nd Annual!

Ready for Lundaspelen 2020?

More Than A Game!

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Watch all action live on Solidsport.

Lundaspelen 2019 was a great success with a record of participants arriving in Lund to start the new year. 376 teams from 12 countries played 972 games in 13 courts! We were also proud to present 94 referees and over 830 volunteers!

On 2-5th January it's finally time again.

Can't be there to watch the action live?
No worries. All games will be broadcasted live on Solidsport. Just follow the link below to enter a world of basketball.

Lundaspelen 2020 is almost maxed out!! - & from today (191105) we will "shut down" registration (reserve lists...) and work on logsitic issues in order to make the tournament as good as an experience as possible for the teams visiting the 42nd Lundaspelen.

New for 2020:
  • One extra meal will be served on arrival day in the evening of January 1st
  • The BU20/GU20 category will become BU23/GU23 Competition - (boys/girls born 1997 or later) - possibility for older players to come

Winners of the 41st annual Lundaspelen tournament 2019:

Girls U20: Aabyhøj Basket 1 (DEN)
Girls U18: Aabyhøj Basket 01 (DEN)
Girls U16: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U15: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U14: Bjärred 305 (SWE)
Girls U13: Alvik (SWE)
Girls U12: Hørsholm Dubz (DEN)

Boys U20: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Boys U18: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Boys U16: Copenhagen Future (DEN)
Boys U15: Högsbo Basket Tigers (SWE)
Boys U14: The Basketball Academy@ The Patrick School (USA)
Boys U13: ALBA (DEN)
Boys U12: ALBA (DEN)

Wheelchair: Tapiolan Honka (FIN)

Nation List 2019

Denmark - 10
Sweden - 3
Finland - 1
The USA - 1

Girls U20: Aabyhøj Basket 2 (DEN)
Girls U18: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U16: Lobas (SWE)
Girls U15: Ik Eos Lund (SWE)
Girls U14: AIK Basket Vit (SWE)
Girls U13: AIK Basket Black (SWE)
Girls U12: BMS Herlev (DEN)

Boys U20: Orange Lions Academy (NL)
Boys U18: Triple Threat (NL)
Boys U16: Team Sudhessen 1 (GER)
Boys U15: Åkersberga Basket (SWE)
Boys U14: Team Hamburg (GER)
Boys U13: Lobas (SWE)
Boys U12: BBC Rendsburg/BVSH (Ger)

Wheelchair: Göteborgs Rullstolsklubb (SWE)

Collaborator Tournament -