Arenas/School Accomodation

Arenas, Address, Bus Route + Terminal point

  • Bollhuset (Ba and Bb), Fasanvägen 2, Bus 2 Värpinge by (Idrottsplatsen)
  • Eoshallen (Ea and Eb), Arkivgtan 32, Bus 6 Östra Linero (Arkivgatan 400m), Bus 5 Råbylund (Kastanjegatan 200m), Bus 7 Klostergården (Revingegatan (600m)
  • Östratornhallen (ÖT), Musikantvägen 3, Bus 7 Östra Torn (Flygelvägen 100m), Buss 6 Östra Linero (Fagottgränden 700m)
  • Fäladshallen (Fa and Fb), Svenshögsvägen 25, Bus 2 Annehem (Fäladstorget 200m), Bus 4 Norra Fäladen (Magistratsvägen 500m)
  • Idrottshallen (Ih), Högevallsgatan 2
  • Tunahallen (Tu), Warholms väg 10, Bus 7 Östra Torn or Bus 6 Östra Linero (Sparta 400m)
  • Victoriastadion (Va, Vb and Vc), Lovisastigen 2-4, Bus 2 Annehem or Bus 4 Norra Fäladen (Victoriastadion <100m)
  • Vikingahallen, Tre Högars väg 7, Bus 6 Östra Linero (Tre Högars park 200m), Bus 3 Linero (Storskolevägen 800m)
  • Vipeholmshallen (Vp), Vipeholmsvägen 80 H, Bus 3 Linero (Vipelyckan 600m), Buss 6 Östra Linero (Thulehemsvägen 800m)
  • Uppåkrahallen (Upp), Parkallén 3, 227 30 Hjärup, Bus 130 Malmö (yellow bus, Hjärup Skånebyn + 300 m)
  • Sparbanken Skåne Arena (SSA), Stattenavägen 25, Bus 7 Klostergården (Lund Arenan)
  • ISLK (ISLK), Linnégatan 2, Bus 3 Linero (Stampelyckan + 400 m)
  • Nyvångsskolan (Ny), Sandbyvägen 18, 247 54 Dalby, Bus 160 Veberöd (yellow bus, Dalby busstn + 600 m)
  • Gunnesboskolan (Gu), Gunnesbovägen 2, Bus 4 Gunnesbo (Gunnesbo Skola)

Accomodation, Address, Bus Route + Terminal point

  • Fäladsskolan, Svenshögsvägen 25, Bus 2 Annehem (Fäladstorget 200m), Bus 4 Norra Fäladen (Magistratsvägen 500m)
  • Järnåkraskolan, Mellanvångsvägen 1, Bus 7 Klostergården (Järnåkraskolan 100m), Bus 6 St Lars (Källbyskolan 400m)
  • Katedralskolan, St Södergatan 22, Bus 7 Klostergården or Bus 6 St Lars (Katedralskolan)
  • Polhemsskolan, Trollebergsvägen 41, Bus 2 Värpinge by (Idrottsplatsen)
  • Spyken, Dalbyvägen 2, Bus 3 Linero (Arkivgatan 200m)
  • Svaneskolan, Möllegatan 6, Bus 2 Värpinge by (Västertull 100m), Bus 4 Gunnesbo (Polishuset 400m), Bus 5 Nova (Tingshuset 300m)
  • Vipan (Vipeholmsskolan), Vipeholmsvägen 80 B, Bus 6 Östra Linero (Vipelyckan 500m), Bus 3 Linero (Fagottgränden 600m)
  • Fågelskolan, Gässlingavägen 21, Bus 2 Värpinge By (Lund Excellensen 300 m)
  • Lerbäckskolan, Öresundsvägen 2, Bus 5 Nova (Marknadsplatsen 300 m)

School accomodation - classrooms are divided in consideration in how many your group is - a classroom can hold anything from 10 people to some lodgings that can hold 50- clubs can not count on getting one room per team, we lodge approx. 20 people/room.Teams have to bring sleeping bags and airmatress or equivalent to sleep on.

Note! Please take into consideration the inhabitants of Lund and let them ahead on the buses. The driver CAN reject you if they feel that the bus is to full. Normal passengers have the right of way.

At Departure

Before leaving accomodations - a Lundaspelen accomodation representative must make an official inspection of the accomodation with a leader of the group/club. COMPULSORY! After cleaning is approved, the deposit fee (500 SEK/team, deposited at check-in) is returned by the Lundaspelen official (At the accomodation your staying at).

Luggage help

You can store your luggage at Idrottshallen on the 5th of January in the special area for luggage. Cost is 10 SEK/per piece of luggage (paid when you check in luggage). For help with transport from accomodation to luggage area - Call before 4pm on the 4th of January to the Lundaspelen Office (+46 46 15 94 94) to book transport - Two (2) persons must follow along to help carry the luggage.