"Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn is a proud sponsor of Lundaspelen"

Lundaspelen 2021 is open for registration

In about 7 months the 43rd Basketball Tournament Lundaspelen will take place, on the 1st-5th of January, 2021.

It’s not many things, which is as usual right now, whether that applies private life, schools, work or in sports and basketball. We have all been forced to change our habits, but we do hope it will soon be over and return to normal.

We plan and organize ourselves so the Lundaspelen 2021 will take place as our previous 42 years. The registration is now open! There are a limited number of teams in each category, which means that we may be forced to close the registration earlier for some categories. Make sure you register your club and teams in time to be sure to get a spot, the Lundaspelen 2020 had to turn down some teams.

Of course, there is an uncertainty today, how the Corona Virus will develop during the fall and winter, and also which restrictions there will be. All paid fees will be reimbursed in full if your national government or the Swedish government make restrictions on participating.

Welcome to register your teams to Lundaspelen 2021 and visit Lund to

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