Lundaspelen is played according to FIBA rules, except for the following changes.

Game time

Categories U13-23 + WC play 2x15 minutes running time except for the last 3:00 minutes of the second half and overtime periods when stop time will be applied. During stop time the clock will be stopped both if the game is stopped by a referee and if a team scores. The clock will NOT be stopped at 3:00 if the game is stopped by the referee or if a team scores with more than 3:00 minutes remaining.

Throughout the game the clock will always be stopped if a player receives a fourth foul and if for any reason the referee signals for it.


Each team is given one time-out per half. The time-out from the first half may not be transferred to the second half. In the case of overtime, no new time-outs are given but if you haven’t used the one from the second half you may use it during overtime.

After a time-out the clock will be started when the ball is touched by a player on the playing court except if the game is resumed with free-throws. Then, during running time the clock will be started when the shooter gets the ball and during stop time when the ball is touched by a player on the court after the last free-throw.


Substitutions may only be done during a dead ball situation. When the ball is dead the substitute will call for the player he is substituting. Once that player has left the court the substitute may enter the court and become a player. The referee will not call for a substitution, nor hold the ball or delay the game during substitutions.

Penalty for incorrect substitution: First time official warning, second time B-technical foul.


Four personal fouls are allowed. When a player receives a fourth foul the game clock should be stopped until the player has been substituted.

Team fouls are penalized on the 8th foul in each half.

Any disqualified player, team member or coach may not participate in the next game.

Shot clock

The shot clock is unobserved but the referee can signal for 10 seconds left of the offense if a team, in the judgement of the referee, is deliberately delaying the game or if the ball does not touch the basket in due time.

Uniform colours

If both teams play in the same colour it is up to Team B to change their uniforms. If, by any instance, the team cannot change and Team A instead have to change the team will start with a 10-0 advantage.

Ball size

Girls U23 to U13 play with ball size 6.

Boys U23 to U15 play with ball size 7.

Boys U14-U13 plays with ball size 6.

Overtime periods

Regulation ties are decided by overtime played 1x2 minutes until the winner of the game is decided. The overtime period is regarded as a prolonging of the second half meaning all fouls committed during the second half will count as team fouls also during overtime. No new timeouts are given but if you haven’t used the one from the second half you may use it during overtime. The possession arrow is applied and the clock will be stopped according to the rules of the 3 last minutes of the second half.


The categories U12-U11 are played according to the Easy Basket rules from the Swedish Basketball Federation. Check Special rules in these this categorys " Games rules U11 & U12 " and " Mini Lundaspelen U11 "

Protests and questions

Protests must be written and left with the court-official in the arena no later than 15 minutes after the game. The protest fee is 500 SEK and must be paid when lodging a protest (the fee is refunded if the protest stands). The jury’s decision cannot be overruled. Members of the tournament jury:

  • Bo Olsson, Commissioner of Swedish Basketball Federation and member the discipline committee of Skånes BDF
  • Kristofer Andåker, Swedish elite referee
  • Peter Kozak, Lundaspelen committee

Questions during the tournament will be answered by Björn Göransson (IK Eos Club director) or Peter Kozak (assisting) at the Lundaspelen office.

+46 46 15 94 94 / lundaspelenbball@gmail.com