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BMS Herlev

Medals 2019:
(Playoff A)
2020: 4 2018: 2
2020: 1 2018: 5
Medals 2019:
(Playoff B)
2017: 1
BMS Herlev was one of 19 clubs from Denmark that had teams playing during Lundaspelen Basket 2019. They participated with 15 teams in all categories except Boys U 12, Boys U 14, Wheelchair and Girls U 20. Six teams played until Final in Playoff A; Girls U 15 won over Ik Eos Lund by 37-25, Girls U 16 won over Lobas by 34-19, Boys U 18 won over Triple Threat 1 by 32-27, Boys U 20 won over Orange Lions Academy by 35-22, Girls U 12 lost against Hørsholm 79ers Dubz by 20-29 and Girls U 18 01 lost against Aabyhøj Basket 01 by 21-33.

In addition to this, BMS Herlev have participated in Lundaspelen Basket before. During Lundaspelen Basket 2018, BMS Herlev had 12 teams playing in 8 out of Lundaspelen Baskets all 17 categories. Seven teams played until Final in Playoff A; Girls U 11 won over SISU Basketball by 38-7, Girls U 16 won over BK Marbo F-02 by 34-26, Boys U 12 Vikings lost against ALBA Basket by 22-27, Boys U 15 Ballers lost against Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. by 11-29, Girls U 12 lost against Alvik Basket by 21-30, Girls U 14 Wolverines lost against Spånga Basket 2 by 26-27 and Girls U 15 lost against AD. Basket Pegli Basket Pegli by 28-29.

BMS Herlev comes from Herlev which lies approximately 49 km from Lund, where Lundaspelen Basket takes place. The area around Herlev does also provide 15 additional clubs participating during Lundaspelen Basket 2019 (Among others: SISU Basketball, BK Amager, Birkerød Basketball Club, Gladsaxe Basketball Klub, Brønshøj Basket, Stevnsgade, Copenhagen Future, Lobas, ALBA Basket and falcon).

82 games played


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