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Heritage & Development

Lundaspelen was first held in January of 1979, 3-6th.

The first annual Lundaspelen had 39 teams participating, the second year (1980) the number of teams had more than doubled to 103 participating teams and the third year Lundaspelen doubled again and rose to 211 participating teams - since then the tournament never have had fewer than 200 teams participating. A couple of times during the 1980's the tournament had to turn down over 40 teams.

The first 16 years Lundaspelen only had 8 categories - Men & Women Juniors and A, B and C categories for both sexes. The categories included 2 agegroups.

In 1995 Lundaspelen added 4 categories, so that the younger age groups had an own category. This held on for 13 years until 2008 when the categories where changed to concur with the international categories and the U19 category became an U20 category and the U17 became U18.

In 2010 4 new categories were added and included the U12 and U11 to the tournament.

During the 35th Annual Lundaspelen 2013 a wheelchair category was added in cooperation with FIFH Malmö.

The 41st Lundaspelen 2019 added streaming of all games, plus started the tournament with a selected few games on the evening of the 1st.