Defender of Lundaspelen

For the 40th anniversary of Lundaspelen 2018, Ik Eos installed an appreciation "price" to coaches who act according to the values of Lundaspelen and Ik Eos Lund.

These coaches Respects other teams, the referees and the tournament staff and inhabitants of Lund - In good and bad- they give Energyto their teams and they Educate - not only baskletball players- but children and young adults to become good people and most of all - These coaches are role models and Defend the Values of Lundaspelen!


2018 - 40th Lundaspelen:
Tony Marion
, BMS Herlev
Louise Brondin Månsson & Jennie Hallonqvist, Malbas
Kevin Oberlack
, TSV Leverkusen

2019 - 41st Lundaspelen:
Pia Pannula Toft, Gladsaxe BBK

Patrick Mortensen, Hørsholm BBK