2013 Lundaspelen Winners

Written 01 April 2014 13:54
Winners of Lundaspelen 2013
Girls U20: Aabyhøj I.F (Den)
Girls U18: BK Amager (Den)
Girls U16: Högsbo (Se)
Girls U15: SISU (Den)
Girls U14: Hørsholm BBK (Den)
Girls U13: TuS Lichterfelde (Ger)
Girls U12: Aabyhøj I.F (Den)
Girls U11: BK Amager (Den)

Boys U20: Malbas (Se)
Boys U18: Uppsala Basket BG Celsius (Se)
Boys U16: SISU (Den)
Boys U15: RSV/IBBA (Ger)
Boys U14: BG SuKro (Ger)
Boys U13: TuS Lichterfelde (Ger)
Boys U12: ALBA Berlin (Ger)
Boys U11: Hørsholm BBK (Den)

Wheelchair: Nabolag (No/Se) (NEW Category of 2013)

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Written 04 January 2014 07:17
486 games decided! Hopes have been crushed- dreams have come through... Approximately 130 persons on the court at any given time... Elimination time begins NOW! We hope everyone have a wonderful time even if the time means learning the hard way...losing... The Race for the 17th trophies of Lundaspelen 2014 is nearing it's end... Read more