Lundaspelen Superstars

Lundaspelen Superstars is the show & competition night at Lundaspelen. It takes place at our main Finals arena, Idrottshallen, on the 4th of January 20.30-22.
  • Dunk competition
  • 3 point shoot-out (Male/Female)
  • Skills challenge (Male/Female) (Obstacle course)

To sign up to any of the Dunk, 3point shoot-out or skills challenge (entries taken until 20.00 the 3rd of January):
  • Sign up in one of the Lundaspelen Superstars binders located at Eoshallen, Idrottshallen or Bollhuset during the 2-3rd of January.
  • Sending a message to the Lundaspelen Superstars facebook page
  • Talk to one of the Lundaspelen Superstars Crew in and around our arenas during the 2nd-3rd of January.

You need to include:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Team/Club
  • Gender
  • Contact cell
  • Which competition to enter

Try-outs will start at approx. 19.00 the 4th at Idrottshallen for the ones who gets selected (selection will be based on what the crew been able to see beforehand plus sign-up) Info will be posted as a news on the night of the 3rd and on the facebookpage.

Dunk contestants can send videos through the facebook page.

Historical Superstars
Skills Girls:
Skills Boys:
3p Girls:
3p Boys:

Dunk: Olamide Pedersen,Værløse BBK (Dk)
Skills Girls: Depina Angelovska, Kirkevoll BBK (No)
Skills Boys: Mabou Touray, Hammarby (Se)
3p Girls: Kari Kyrkjebo, Kirkevoll BBK (No)
3p Boys: Bart van Schaik, Basketball Academy Zwolle (NL)

Kasper Christensen, Vaerlöse
Skills Girls: Lotte van Klarenbosch, UBALL Cangaroes
Skills Boys: Ebenezer Ndziba, Ik Eos Lund
3p Girls: Kristin Hannestad, HOP BBK
3p Boys: Kaj Steehouwet, UBALL

Dunk: Felix Carlsson, Helsingborg BBK
Skills Girls: Sara Enrik Lundberg, Mölndal
Skills Boys: Viktor Bekassy, Ik Eos Lund
3p Girls: Isabelle Finke, Helsingborgs BBK
3p Boys: Boris Egelie, Basketball Academy Zwolle