Breakfast 07:15-09:15 (reduced breakfast available from 6.45-7.15)

Lunch 11:30-14:00

Dinner 17:00-20:00 (to 20:30 at Polhem)

Breakfast is served at six locations (Plus the Hotels for the ones with Hotel accomodation)
  • Fäladen (Svenshögsvägen 25)
  • Vipan (Vipeholmsvägen 80 B)
  • Polhem (Trollebergsvägen 41)
  • Järnåkra (Mellanvångsvägen 1)
  • Lerbäck (Öresundsvägen 2)
  • Tuna Warholms väg 10

Lunch & Dinner is served at:
  • Fäladen (Svenshögsvägen 25)
  • Polhem (Trollebergsvägen 41)
  • Järnåkra (Mellanvångsvägen 1)

Menu (No food contains any pork meat)

Every breakfast 2/1-5/1

Cornflakes, muesli, milk, yoghurt, porrige, jam, bread, butter, cheese, ham, vegetables, hot chocolate, tea

(all lunch/dinners below include sallad buffé, milk, water & swedish crispbread - Coffee to leaders and Officials at all meals)

Dinner 1/1 (New meal) Not yet decided due to the meal is added extra

Lunch 2/1 Beef stew with Rice

Dinner 2/1 Swedish meatballs with Potatoes and sauce

Lunch 3/1 Spaghetti Bolognese

Dinner 3/1 Fish with Potatoes and cold sauce

Lunch 4/1 Chicken in tomato sauce with pasta

Dinner 4/1 Swedish hash ("Pytt i panna" - Meat, potatoes, onions)