Prices & Payment

IK Eos Lund must have the entry fee 1600 SEK (Approx. 160 Euro) per team for teams that are accomodated by us either through School lodging or Hotel accomodation, 2600 SEK (Approx. 260 Euro) for other teams for Lundaspelen 2018 before the 10th of November 2017 and the guest card fees 1200 SEK/Card (Approx. 120 Euro) or Hotel fees before the 1st of December 2017.

Entry fees and all other charges must be deposited into either
Bank giro account number 269 - 2499 Ik Eos
IBAN account (NEW as of 2015!) SE7280000831390741397269
Swebank S-105 34 Stockholm, account no 8313-9, 74139726-9 , swiftaddress: SWEDSESS.

Don't forget to state who the payment is from!