Lundaspelen Superstars!

Written 02 January 2017 17:52 by Tobbe Lyrström

On Wednesday 4/1 from 20.30 to 22 at Idrottshallen (Main Finals Arena on the 5th)

- Fourth Annual Lundaspelen Superstars show and contests!

Sign up for 3Point Contest and Skills Challenge (& Dunk Contest) through

+46 704 64 02 12 or email

Contestestants will be selected randomly and contacted (Even those who doesn't get a spot will be contacted)

Nästa nyhet: Malbas-Nässjö Men's

Written 02 January 2017 10:36 by
All Lundaspelen Participants gets free Entrance to the Men's senior game Malbas - Nässjö in Swedens Highest Division. Heleneholmshallen, Ystadvägen 3/1 - 19.04 Read more