Lundaspelen Ambassadors

Lundaspelen Ambassadors are persons not affiliated with Ik Eos/Lundaspelen organization that you can contact to get information about the Tournament and Lund to find out if Lundaspelen is something for you and your club.

Andrea Frison, Italy - Club Sarre Chasellet

Languages: Italia, French, English
Phone number: 0039 3892023450

-What is the best part of Lundaspelen?
Lundaspelen is not ony a simple tournament, but also a place where playing, discussing and living basketball with teams coming from different countries and realities. Each year you have the possiblity to find something different: while you're watching or playing a game or simply when you're spending time visiting Lund, a tipical beautiful nordic city. It's also a tournament where you can find teams from all level, so everyone have the possibility to compete concretely.

Morgan McLaughlin - Canada, Club Collingwood Cavaliers

Languages: English and French
Phone number: +16047169760

- Which three words would you describe Lundaspelen with?
Competitive, Well-Organized, Memorable (So Amazing I travel 9 hours to play in it!)