Guest cards, hotel

Owners of a guest card are entitled to the following (1200 SEK (Approx. 120 Euro)per person):

  • Food, lodging and free bus travel with Stadstrafiken Lund on regular routes.
  • Lundaspelen Cup-T-Shirt (possibility to print names/nr at tournament)
  • Free entry to the Lundaspelen Superstar show on the 4th of January at the Finals Arena

Food: Starting with BREAKFAST the 2nd of January, ending with breakfast the 5th
Lodging: Access to the schools from about 4pm the 1st of January to the morning of the 5th - the rooms should be cleaned and checked by the lodging crew before getting deposit back (500 SEK or equivalent in other currency per team)

Clubs/Teams are assigned to classrooms - we assign approx. 20 persons/classroom, so it is of greatest concern that we recieve the best estimate as possible when you register - failure to do so is the number one reason there arises complaints when you arrive.

Hotel Accomodation
If you want to have some more comfort than staying in classroom there is an hotel alternative. If you choose any of the hotel alternatives you still get the guestcard which entitles you to the food during the tournament as well as free travles on the buses and entrance to the Lundaspelen Supestar show on the 4th of January at the Finals Arena. You'll be staying at the hotel Elite Ideon, Lund ( (Address: Scheelevägen 27 Ideon Science Park, 223 63 Lund) Including in the stay are the breakfast buffé at hotel Elite Ideon, breakfast is included already the morning of the 2nd of January.

The alternatives we have are to stay in room accomodating as many as four (4) and the prices are:

4 bedroom + guestcard = 2250 SEK/person (9000 SEK for 4 people) (Approx. 225/885 Euro)
3 bedroom + guestcard = 2500 SEK/person (7500 SEK for 3 people) (Approx. 245/740 Euro)
2 bedroom + guestcard = 2750 SEK/person (5500 SEK for 2 people) (Approx. 270/540 Euro)
1 bedroom + guestcard = 3900 SEK/person(Approx. 385 Euro)

You can register hotel alternative through the entry form.

Accomodation Alternatives
Accomodation - Food, Free Bus travel, Lundaspelen Cup T-Shirt & Lundaspelen Superstar Show - Price/person
Class room (approx. 20/room) - Included - 1200 SEK
1 Bedroom Hotel (4 nights) - Included - 3900 SEK
2 Bedroom Hotel (4 nights) - Included - 2750SEK (min 2 pers)
3 Bedroom Hotel (4 nights) - Included - 2500 SEK (min 3 pers)
4 Bedroom Hotel (4 nights) - Included - 2250 SEK (min 4 pers)