Lundaspelen 2018 - 40th Annual!

We proudly announce that the 40th Lundaspelen tournament in Basketball for U11-U20 will be held 2nd - 5th of January in Lund, Sweden!

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  • Last date of registration is the 10th of November, 2017.

    Winners of the 39th annual Lundaspelen tournament 2017:

    Girls U20: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
    Girls U18: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
    Girls U16: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
    Girls U15: BK Marbo (SWE)
    Girls U14: BMS Herlev (DEN)
    Girls U13: BMS Herlev (DEN)
    Girls U12: BK Amager (DEN)
    Girls U11: BMS Herlev (DEN)

    Boys U20: Lobas (SWE)
    Boys U18: Basketball Academie Limburg (NED)
    Boys U16: Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
    Boys U15: BK Amager (DEN)
    Boys U14: BK Amager (DEN)
    Boys U13: TEAM Hamburg (GER)
    Boys U12: SG Weiterstadt (GER)
    Boys U11: ALBA (DEN)

    Wheelchair: Stevngade Lowriders (DEN)

    Nation List 2017

    Denmark - 11
    Germany - 3
    Sweden - 2
    The Netherlands - 1

    Girls U20: Værløse BBK (DEN)
    Girls U18: MBK Stara Tura (SVK)
    Girls U16: Værløse BBK (DEN)
    Girls U15: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
    Girls U14: TuS Lichterfelde (GER)
    Girls U13: SISU (DEN)
    Girls U12: Lobas (SWE)
    Girls U11: BK Amager (DEN)

    Boys U20: Ik Eos Lund (SWE)
    Boys U18: BMS Herlev (DEN)
    Boys U16: Malbas BBK Svart (SWE)
    Boys U15: Ik Eos Lund (SWE)
    Boys U14: Åkersberga Basket (SWE)
    Boys U13: Gladsaxe (DEN)
    Boys U12: Mini Malbas White (SWE)
    Boys U11: BMS Herlev (DEN)

    Wheelchair: Göteborgs Rullstolsbasket (SWE)

    Collaborator Tournament -


    4th of january - Lundaspelen Superstars evening.
    3p shoot-out, Skills contest, Dunk contest - music & entertainment.*