Lundaspelen 2017 - 39th Annual!

Registration Open! ->->

Teams from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain & Sweden signed up so far - (Oct 18 -2016)

Lundaspelen 2017 is open for registration- Get your Spot and get your players ready for a great start of 2017!! Last date of registration 10th Of November 2016 - We will let the registration be open at least over the weekend 11-13th for all categories and start closing categories during next week if needed.

PICTURES Lundaspelen 2016:

PICTURES & MOVIES Courtesy: Micke Dahl

PICTURES Courtesy Sydsvenskan

Info regarding the tournament can be found under the headings "Tournament Info" & "FAQ" (Frequently asked questions)

Winners of the 38th annual Lundaspelen tournament 2016:

Girls U20: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U18: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
Girls U16: Værløse BBK (DEN)
Girls U15: Aabyhøj BBK (DEN)
Girls U14: Marbo basket (SWE)
Girls U13: Solna Vikings (SWE)
Girls U12: BMS Herlev Hvid (DEN)
Girls U11: BK Amager (DEN)

Boys U20: Lobas (SWE)
Boys U18: Værløse BBK (DEN)
Boys U16: Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Boys U15: Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Boys U14: MTV Kronberg (GER)
Boys U13: Virum Vipers 1 (DEN)
Boys U12: Gladsaxe (DEN)
Boys U11: Gladsaxe (DEN)

Wheelchair: B.H.I.L Titans (NOR)

Nation List 2016
Denmark - 10
Germany/Sweden - 3 each
Norway -1

Girls U20: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
Girls U18: Aabyhøj BBK (DEN)
Girls U16: Aabyhøj BBK (DEN)
Girls U15: Køge Sort (DEN)
Girls U14: BK Amager (DEN)
Girls U13: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Girls U12: Hørsholm BBK (DEN)
Girls U11: BMS Herlev (DEN)

Boys U20: Helsingborg (SWE)
Boys U18: ASC Göttingen (GER)
Boys U16: Kongsberg Miners (NOR)
Boys U15: Værløse BBK (DEN)
Boys U14: BMS Herlev (DEN)
Boys U13: TuS Lichterfelde 1 (GER)
Boys U12: BMS Herlev Hvid (DEN)
Boys U11: Falcon (DEN)

Wheelchair: FIFH Malmö (SWE)


4th of january - Lundaspelen Superstars evening.
3p shoot-out, Skills contest, Dunk contest - music & entertainment.

2016 Superstars:

Dunk: Olamide Pedersen,Værløse BBK (Dk)
Skills Girls: Depina Angelovska, Kirkevoll BBK (No)
Skills Boys: Mabou Touray, Hammarby (Se)
3p Girls: Kari Kyrkjebo, Kirkevoll BBK (No)
3p Boys: Bart van Schaik, Basketball Academy Zwolle (NL)